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         Welcome to  Shenzhen Strongd Model Technology Co., Ltd 

       Shenzhen Strongd Model Technology Co., Ltd is a professional rapid prototyping company founded

 in 2011. The company combines conventional modelling methods with the latest cutting-edge technologies

 to provide prototypes making solution for every client.

      We offer a variety of comprehensive services, including CNC, SLA, SLS and 3D printing. And we are 

 professional in all kinds of metals and plastics rapid prototyping, low-volume production, heat forming, 

 mold design, as well as high precision machining.Meanwhile, we have close cooperation with many excellent 

companies in our industry, so our team of professional specialists can provide you with efficient and reliable

 technical service and support.

     After years of development, our clients are widely in many industries including medical, telecom,automotive,

consumer, industrial and many other industries. They are mainly in China, the United States, Europe, East Africa

and Southeast Asian.

If you are looking for a rapid prototype, our company is your partner to deliver what you want to build 

today!We do strive to help you take every good idea to become prototypes.