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What is the laser etching ?

2015/10/9      view:

Laser etching is the process of using a laser beam to permanently cut an image or pattern into a hard 

material,such as glass, wood or metal. For large projects, the size, depth and location of the pattern is 

typically programmed into a computer that controls the laser. The strength of the laser is based on the 

material used and the level of heat required.

The machine-operated unit is programmed to mass-produce a specific pattern, by etching it into the final 

material. Common uses of laser etching include circuit boards, engraving metal or carving hard plastic.

 Lasers are rarely used for wood, as they tend to leave burn marks on the surface of the wood.


When selecting a laser etching machine, it is important to consider three things: warranty, price and operation. 

The laser etching machine will have to generate significant heat and draw a large amount of power to operate 

the laser. The risk of components burning out or failing is higher with this type of machine. A good warranty will

protect you from repair costs for a specific period of time and allow you to get the value of the unit before needing

 to invest in repairs.