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Surface finishing of metals and plastic

2015/9/7      view:

If you need a full color model, we have many different options. Most additive manufacturing materials are

receptive to advanced finishing. Paint, tints, dyes, and clear finishes are just a few of the options we have.

 Many materials can also be electroplated in copper, nickel or chrome. Ink transfers, sandblasted finishes, 

laser engraved logos,and vinyl graphics are just a few of the tricks our talented finishing staff have used to 

create the professional, realistic look you expect .

Treatment of metals can be of essential importance in many industries. It is not a new process, but a process 

that dates back as early as mankind started.The plastic prototype also use painting ,polish ,silk screen and so on .

Compared to other surfaces that need treatment prior to coating, printing, or adhesion etc.There are a number

 of different methods available for the surface finishing of metal. Surface treatment of metal is a process in 

which parts or components made out of metal or plastic are treated before any actual coating takes place.

Treatment of metal surfaces plays an enormous role in extending the life of metals, such as in automotive 

bodies and construction materials.The purpose of this treatment is increasing the surface energy level of a 

particular metal surface so that it can easily adhere to the printing or coating that is about take place. This

type of treatment is usually known as the coatings treatment. Surface finishing of metal involves the creation

of a barrier that acts like a wall protecting the metal in an environment that’s corrosive.That's a good choice

to make a perfect prototype what you need .