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What is rapid prototyping?

2015/5/22      view:

      Rapid prototyping is often known as RP. It involves automating the fabrication of a prototype part from a 

three-dimensional (3D) CAD drawing. Used in a wide range of industries, rapid prototyping allows companies

 to turn innovative ideas into successful end products rapidly and efficiently.   

     Rapid prototyping decreases development time by allowing corrections to a product to be made early in the

process.By giving engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and purchasing a look at the product early in the design

process, mistakes can be corrected and changes can be made while they are still inexpensive.  

Why choose Rapid Prototyping? The reasons are as following:
-To decrease costly mistakes.
-To increase effective communication.
-To decrease development time.
-To minimize sustaining engineering changes.
-To extend product lifetime by adding necessary features and eliminating redundant features early in the design.