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Prototype Finishing

2015/9/22      view:

When the prototype are finished ,we should do the surface finishing according to customers's request. 

Strongd company offers wide range of finish options. It can not only achieve standard finishes, but also

meet customer’s specified needs. Our professional quality worker have 10 years of experience in manual 

department .

In the finishing link of CNC prototyping, custom finishing are available to help you achieve the appearance 

you need for your parts. First,our company can beautify the prototype and make it smooth. Other popular 

finishing options include silk screening, pad printing, laser etching, chemical etching, chrome etching, anodizing, 

blast finishing, mirror finishing, vapor polishing, e-plating, UV-coating, all of which can be achieved with great 


There are several options of surface treatment .

Texturing, sand or (micro) glass bead blasting.
Painting; matt, gloss or high gloss and texture.
Chrome plating for full ABS parts and other materials; gloss or matt (3Q7).
Vacuum metallization plus Silicium oxide.
Anodization for aluminium parts.
Water transfer printing.
Colour dying (impregnation) for transparent PMMA parts.
Laser etching

Physical Vapor Deposition - Coating.