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Why choose the die casting ?

2015/9/30      view:

High pressure die casting is a process we use to make aluminum die cast parts. We inject 

molten aluminum alloy metal under pressure into a steel die to produce aluminum parts.Die 

casting is a very inexpensive aluminum part manufacturing process.

Primarily we produce aluminum alloy die castings, but we also make some die castings in zinc 

alloys. Die Casting Company's die cast design consultants will assist you with die casting aluminum 

part design, aluminum die casting prototypes, die cast tooling, machining of die cast parts and finish 

the surface of many kinds of die cast aluminum parts.  


a) "Short Run" Die Castings Production. 100 parts or less, if necessary.
b) High Quantity Die Casting Production. 5,000 parts or more each delivery
c) In-House die cast tool maker to modify or make die casting tools less expensively.
d)Free set up on new die casting tooling and die casting parts.
e)Various products can be die cast:Aerospace Parts,Housings,Car Parts,Handles, Brackets and Displays.